Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Parental smoking makes children sick

This is for sure. I do not know the number of studies that support this fact, but it must be impressive. More and more studies are being added, such as this one from Izmir, Turkey: Infections of the lower respiratory tract are nearly five-fold increased in children with smoking parents, compared to children growing up in a smoke-free home.
Studies that fail to show an effect of passive smoking are often faulty. In Rome, Italy, researchers have spotted the fault, and after it has been removed, the real result showed up: Parents who smoke at home make the lung function of their offspring drop. A first negative result has been due to the passive smoke exposition of some children not at home, but outside, clouding the difference between smoking and non-smoking homes. If ever you hear of a study claiming no effect, keep this example in mind.

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transformation said...

i am, as you may know, very interested in holistic health. i eat very healthily and prepare most of my own food, including organic fruit and organic vegetables, etc.

congratulations on your new blog. i also started two more blogs, and it is good to have an outlet for outside subjects since, of course, large as chess is or can be does NOT include it all!

warmly, dk