Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Passive smoking: You may lose your virility or get cancer

Others smoke around you? How is your sex life? These and more questions have been asked, of course much more detailed, to more than two thousand men in the Boston area. The answers reveal a clear-cut picture: The more smoke, the less potency. In principle it makes no difference whether the smoke is inhaled passively from others smoking around or actively from the own cigarette. It is just a matter of dose, but with smoke, there is no harmless level. Passive smoking is equivalent to smoking between ten and nineteen pack-years of active smoking, according to this study.
The link of passive smoking to lung cancer has been established in many studies. But bladder cancer may be added to this list soon. In Maryland, more than ninety thousand persons have been examined in two groups. One group of passive smokers suffered a nearly three-fold increase in the risk of bladder cancer, in the other group, this was not observed. Results are conflicting, sometimes. The world is not always easy to understand. But when it comes to poison, it is wise to believe in danger rather than to deny it.

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