Saturday, April 28, 2007

Prostate cancer risk lower in diabetics

blood sugar meter
Not all is lost when your blood sugar climbs beyond the 250 mg/dl mark. Yes, you may face a higher risk for certain diseases. But today let's put them aside for once. Because there is a very different disease, that is, with a lower risk in diabetics. That disease is prostate cancer.

If you are a diabetic and physically active, your prostate cancer risk will be only half of a non-diabetic's. This is the result of a study in more than three hundred thousand men in the US. I must admit that this cannot outweigh all the negative aspects of diabetes. Yet I think that such a rare positive effect must be made public in an otherwise very negative world.

By the way, you may suffer from stress all the time, and your prostata cancer risk will remain all the same, as a study from Copenhagen has shown. Stress may be harmful in many aspects, but not so in prostate cancer. - (Picture by free2bjcphotos @ Flickr)

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