Sunday, April 22, 2007

Silica, the unknown micronutrient

silica sand
Do you know all the minerals you need? Probably not, according to this source: Silica, in the chemical form of silicium dioxide, is not soluble in water. But as silicic acid, it is absorbed by the body and used for many functions of health: Bone, connective tissue, blood vessels, kidney, and liver could not work properly without silicic acid.

A silica deficiency leads to deformities in the skull. But despite this fact you will not find silica in the micronutrient list of Wikipedia. Nor has a recommended daily intake been established. It seems that for most people silica is no problem because natural water contains enough of it. Take a glance to the mineral content next time you drink bottled mineral water: Look for a formula containing Si for silicon. - (Silica sand picture by Clouds76 @ Flickr)

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