Sunday, April 1, 2007

Who gives advice or recommendations?

In most cases every claim, statement, advice or recommendation in this blog reflects the opinion of the author of a scientific publication and is supported and communicated by the author of this blog. For example this advice against too rapid weight gain of small babies.

My style may be a bit different. For scientists all things «may be» at most, even if they are quite sure that they are. My language is more direct and to the point. But of course, even if I do not mention it all the time, things can be different, and nothing is for sure. Keep this in mind.

Sometimes a claim, statement or recommendation is not given by the author of a scientific publication but is my own interpretation. In this case, this is clearly indicated, for example this advice against removing old amalgam fillings. Please keep in mind that I am not a medical professional. My knowledge is based on research of medical publications and is under constant development.

Warning: If you are under medical treatment, do not use any claim or recommendation given in this blog without having it discussed with your physician. Even if a claim may be correct for most persons, it may be useless or even wrong in your special case.

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