Thursday, April 5, 2007

Work stress may cause sugar problems in women

work stress woman
Diabetes of type 2 is not only a matter of overweight but also of stress and lack of social support. Stress, mainly at work, more than triples the odds of type 2 diabetes in women, according to a Swedish study. More than thirty thousand persons have been examined, women as well as men.

Only in the women but not in men was stress linked to diabetes. Very interesting. If you argue that women are more likely than men to eat sweets under stress, this may not be the full truth: The researchers have adjusted their results for body mass index, and even in women with the same weight status the difference remained. Most likely, there is some direct action between stress and sugar metabolism, at least in women.

Men, biologically and in many health-related issues, are the weaker of both sexes. But when it comes to stress, they seem to be the heroes in the sense of the old role model.

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