Thursday, May 31, 2007

Candy cigarettes make young smokers

candy cigarettes
When I recall the impression of my first candy cigarette as a kid, it was more of a smoking imagination than of eating a long, thin piece of sugar-coated chocolate. I must have been eleven or twelve years old, and soon I also smoked my first cigarette from a school pal who had it from his elder brother. As a teenager I did not smoke, only later in life, and never regularly. In the past twenty years or so I have been living smokefree.

Kids who use candy cigarettes are twice as likely as non-consumers to smoke real cigarettes later, according to an online survey in more than twenty thousand U.S. adults. Given my personal experience, this does not surprise me at all. Tobacco advertising to kids is supposed to be banned, yet this sweet and very efficient promotion tool is still legal, even in states or countries with strict tobacco laws. For me, this is hard to believe.

The 2nd Carnival of All Substances
This carnival is up June 10th, 2007, at Everyone Needs Therapy, presenting a bunch of posts about general issues of addiction and recovery, about legal medical pills, alcohol, tobacco and more. Trauma and anxiety play a major role in some of these posts. This one also has been included.

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