Saturday, May 26, 2007

Drink water for better weight loss

drinking water
Look at what I have found, fat fighter, weight watcher, hero of lost pounds. It sounds too easy to be true. And you can take for granted that it is not a new wonder diet and I am not going to start a career as water diet guru. But it may help a bit, and every bit must be welcome in the hard struggle. So it cannot hurt to give it a try. Drinking half a liter (one pint) of pure water makes the body burn a quarter more energy at rest during one hour after ingestion, according to a study at Charité University Medicine in Berlin.

Young, healthy overweight volunteers, eight women and eight men, took part in three different trials. They drank half a liter pure water on one day, the same amount of an isotonic saline drink on the other day, and a small glass of pure water (50 ml) on the third day. Only the pint of pure water raised the heat production of the body - by 24 percent, to be exact. Neither the isotonic drink nor the small amount of pure water showed such an effect.

Limits and benefits

The bad message is that the effect fades away roughly one hour after drinking. But, good message, you need more than half a liter of fluid every day. Another good message is that any non-isotonic drink, unsweetened tea for instance, is likely to have the same effect as pure water. One more effect, not mentioned in the Berlin study, adds to the positive side: Pure water or any other non-caloric drink fills the stomach and gives it a job to do, preventing for a while the uptake of nutrients that will accumulate fat. And water, in contrast to many other drinks, has zero calories. The effect may be best if you drink water between meals, just as in the German trial.

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