Thursday, May 17, 2007

Got migraine? Try yoga.

The more you get struck by this nasty disease called migraine, the more likely you have tried anything that could possibly help. Have you tried yoga? According to an Indian study in seventy patients, yoga helps to lower pain, stress and anxiety levels in migraine without aura. In addition, the yoga adepts required less medicaments than patients that seeked relief in a self-care group. Of course yoga practised by Indians in India is not the same as yoga in America or Europe. Let alone the many branches and schools of yoga. But still, give it a try. - (Picture by djwhelan @ Flickr)

In another study, self hypnosis has proven to be very efficient against chronic recurrent headaches in children and adolescents: Pain was reduced to half intensity and to twelve percent of duration.

A closer look at the disease

Yoga is known to have a positive, calming influence on basic body reactions such as blood circulation. Thus it is very interesting that new research has detected that blood vessels in the eyes of migraine and other headache patients have smaller calibers than in people without headaches. This adds only a tiny bit of knowledge about what takes place in the body during a migraine attack. It seems that nerves as well as blood vessels are involved.

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