Thursday, May 3, 2007

The strengths of ADHD kids

When you look at a glass, do you say it is half full or half empty? As to ADHD children I suggest you to take the half full glass approach. Do not look at deficits and weaknesses. Look at resources and strengths. There are a lot, as Swedish psychologists have found.

They have examined more than fourty children with various degrees of ADHD. Various skills have been tested and compared to the average performance of so-called normal children.

The tests show that ADHD children are particularly strong in logical thinking, reasoning and common sense. That is, in the most important skills of private and professional life. And there may be more, such as creativity, but these have not been tested.

Of course there are deficits, for instance in arithmetics and other information processing, as we all know. But I think that, by concentrating on the half full glass, these can be overcome. - (Picture by malderman @ Flickr)

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