Friday, May 4, 2007

Tall buildings make slim people

new york
Surprised to hear? Look at what New York researchers have found: The more people live in a given area, the lower is, on average, their body mass index. Mixed land use also favours slim people, as well as a dense network of bus and subway stops. City planners will be pleased to hear that people get healthier in a high quality urban environment.

But what about the fact that crowded people get slimmer, which is by far the strongest link that has been found in the New York study? Of course this is an indirect link, and I do not know how the researchers explain it.

Anyway, for me, it makes sense. I have heard that the average walking speed in cities rises with the number of inhabitants who therefore will burn more fat. Living in a dense area is more expensive due to higher land prices. Only people with higher income can afford it, and the rich generally tend to be slimmer than the poor. In a dense urban area, people spend more time walking to a bus or subway and less time sitting in a car. - (Picture by toomanybeers @ Flickr)

How to get slim outside of New York

Eat a big apple every day. Spend less time of your life in a car. Visit a gym at least once a week for workout. What are parks for? Right, for jogging, walking, playing with your children. Warning: No guarantee, and these ideas are mine and not based upon the research cited above.


For Diet Blog the study result is «unsurprising given that suburbia is built for cars not people».

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