Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Comments FAQ

How can I comment when comments are turned off?

Your comments are still welcome! Just write a post or a short plug in your own blog and link to mine. I use to regularly check all incoming links and to read reactions of other blogs. If your view adds a new angle to the topic, I may take it up and add it to my post or to a new post. Commenting and linking to unique, relevant content may add more quality to a blog and to the blogosphere as a whole than attachments of comments to a post.

While my view may not be shared by many bloggers, it is supported by the Google policy of not following links from comments. Obviously, Google rates the content quality of comments lower than of blog posts.

If you have a question regarding a topic or post, feel free to drop me a mail (see top sidebar link). Such feedback is very welcome and may bring me to new, interesting posts.

Why are comments turned off in this blog?

1. You have much to tell me
In this case, I protect you from putting much of your valuable knowledge, energy and time into a text that is going to be buried in the comments section that only few visitors will read. I have seen so many good comments that would have been very good blog posts. In fact, some have been copied out and re-posted. Thus: If you have much to tell, write a post.

2. You just want to be polite
Of course it flatters every blogger (me included) to read responses of the «nice post I like it» type. But I am blogging for my readers, not for me. If you like my post, feel free to mail a friend or to social bookmark it.

3. Trolls around
Many of the topics at Med Journal Watch may provoke endless discussions pro and con of certain aspects. And there are enough people (not you, of course!) that like to make mountains out of molehills. See also my point 5...

4. Spammers around
There are still some that manage to break through the barriers and as the number of posts is growing, the barrier becomes wider and wider.

5. Life is just too short
So many topics to post, so little time. My pipeline is full of very interesting items. Too many to cover them all. Thanks to my comments-off strategy I hope to be able to post more of them.

How do other bloggers handle comments?

One of the top bloggers, Steve Pavlina, chose to turn off comments for the reason of opportunity cost, as he puts it. Read his full post here ...

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