Friday, June 8, 2007

Borage oil to keep fat down

What is most important in weight loss? Some say you must lose as much weight as you can as fast as you can. Those are very likely to sell you products or diets. Be sceptic! Most experts do not recommend a fast weight loss because it is often the start of a yo-yo. If you ask me, I say that most important in weight loss is not to regain weight once you have lost it. Some even say that the real job begins when you have reached your dream weight.

You may not be ready to believe it, but oil may help you to prevent your body to store fat again, if you have been obese before and want to do everything to keep your weight down: Borage oil, pressed from seeds of the starflower (see picture), in a study with formerly obese Californians, has been effective in slowing down weight regain.

Fifty persons, after a massive weight loss, have been supplemented either with five grams of borage oil or five grams of olive oil daily. After one year, the persons in the borage oil group had regained two kilograms (four pounds) on average, much less than the more than eight kilograms (sixteen pounds) of the persons in the olive oil group. Unfortunately, this effect did not last over a longer period. One and a half years later, even with borage oil the weight regain has been six kilograms (twelve pounds) on average. The study authors say that the effect of borage oil is due to their content of essential fatty acids.

Conclusion: Borage oil may slow down weight regain in formerly obese but it is not sufficient as a single measure to prevent weight regain in the long run.

Wikipedia: Borage

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