Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Take your chance after a cancer diagnosis

Most people who are told to have cancer do not change their lives, according to a telephone survey in more than two thousand cancer patients and healthy persons: They continue to smoke, they do not consume five fruits or vegetables per day, and only half of them are physically active at least once a week. Only seven percent of the cancer patients meet all three requirements of a healthy behaviour. The self-reported health behaviours of cancer patients do not differ from those of healthy persons.

In other words, opportunities are missed. One of the reasons may be the misbelief that it is «too late» to change things. Nothing could be more wrong. If body and mind have to fight cancer, best possible support is required. It is like a boxing match where cancer has won the first round. But no boxer gives up a fight without being k.o. Many come back in the next rounds and win at last.

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