Monday, July 2, 2007

Avoid liquid calories

liquid calories
If you want to lose weight, eat apples but do not drink apple juice. Common sense tells us that it takes more time to eat an apple, hence you get less calories in a given amount of time. But does this really matter? It does, as a food trial at Purdue University has shown.

A total of a hundred and twenty persons, sixty lean and sixty obese, have been tested either with a drink or with a matched solid food of the same type and calorie content: watermelon juice and watermelons with the same amount of carbohydrates, milk and cheese with the same amount of protein, and coconut milk and coconut meat with the same amount of fat. Besides this test meal, the persons were free to eat what they wanted for the rest of the day. The total energy intake has been calculated. It came out that total daily energy intake was twelve to nineteen percent higher with the drinks than with solid foods. This was the case in both the lean and the obese subjects. The scientists conclude that beverages lead to a smaller «dietary compensation» than solid foods.

In other words: When you take calories with a drink, your body is not really aware of having got them and he sees no reason for eating less.

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