Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Bach flower power remains unproven

bride's bouquet
Flowers may improve your health. Don't miss to use them. Some suggestions: Be generous when you buy a bride's bouquet. Don't stop being generous once you are married, continue to show her your love, buying flowers, preferably as a surprise. Or even better, go outdoors and discover their beauty just as mother nature shows them to you, enjoy them and forget everyday stress. Stress reduction, feelings of love and happiness, the joy of natural beauty must have a positive effect on health, as far as I guess. This is all I can safely tell you about flowers and health after having seen the most recent medical study on Bach flower remedies.

More than three hundred patients in the United Kingdom have been treated with Bach flower remedies. A small minority of them suffered from pain, and roughly half of them suffered less pain after the Bach flower treatment. There was no placebo control. All the same, the study author concludes that the results are «encouraging» as to a possible effect «above that of a placebo». Important to note: The study has been undertaken at the Bach Centre in Mount Vernon, England. My conclusion: This «study» does not meet minimal quality criteria, and the conclusion of the author is a joke.

In all placebo-controlled studies so far, Bach flower remedies have not shown any effect beyond placebo. For instance in a trial with ADHD children in Israel or in a test anxiety trial in Germany.

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