Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Blogger line height bug fix

I have found the diagnosis and the cure for an annoying disease of my blog software. I have noticed this disease in many other blogs that use the same template at the blogger platform.

The disease: After inserting a quote or a list in a post, the normal space between the lines is lost and becomes narrow, not only in the quote and in the list, but also in all the paragraphs that follow.

The diagnosis: The style definition of the line height (space) is not applied to the whole post content but only to one paragraph of the post content.

The cure

blog bugfix
Go to the Blogger admin page and take these five steps:

  1. Choose template, edit HTML.
  2. Save a copy of the existing template on your hard disk.
  3. Scroll down to /* Posts and then to .post p
  4. Insert «, .post-body» (see picture)
  5. Click the save template button.
You are done. As you see here, the lines go on in normal spacing now. If you know fellow bloggers hosted on blogspot.com, feel free to drop them a mail.

Update: a solution for preformatted
I did not try this out, but Abhinav Srivastava has found a solution for putting code snippets in preformatted text (pre) format.

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