Thursday, July 5, 2007

Double suicide rate with breast cosmetic

augmented breasts
According to six studies about cosmetic breast implants and suicide that have been conducted in the past years, women who have undergone breast augmentation run a risk of suicide that is approximately double the expected risk in the general population. The authors of this meta-study cannot explain this relation and ask for further research. In their opinion, plastic surgeons should check carefully the mental health of their clients and, if necessary, send them to a consultation.

I can hardly believe that any plastic surgeon would be so careful. In Switzerland, a popular TV show has sent a local beauty contest winner, supplied with a hidden camera, to several plastic surgeons. The young miss had a perfect body and asked the surgeons to make it more perfect because she «was not happy with it». All surgeons, with only one exception, offered her a surgical treatment.

Of course I have no explanation either why breast surgery might be related to suicides. Just some thoughts to be considered.

I think that a woman who undergoes a breast augmentation relies more on how others (especially men) see her than how she sees herself. Thus, self-awareness is not controlled by the woman but is the puppet of others. Her personality may be instable and weak, and the fact that she is not happy with her look makes this more of a problem. Maybe she has expected that her whole life will be better with her new boobs. If it is not, she may become depressed because all the money and the suffering have been for nothing. Just some thoughts, every woman is different.

My advice: Think twice before you consult a cosmetic surgeon. Your body may be best as it is. Remember that body satisfaction has nothing to do with beauty: No women are better clients of cosmetic surgeons than supermodels: Just look at the Celebrity Cosmetic Surgery blog of Dr. Tony Youn.

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