Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Health Blog Carnival Watch 1:3

Grand Rounds 3:41
The lead theme of this edition, presented by Graham Walker, is Sicko. Read what the best medical bloggers have to say about the new Michael Moore movie. In health care systems, insurance and policy play an important role, and you can find nine interesting posts about this issue. The main section is called the practice of medicine, it presents posts about diabetes, surgery, exercises against low back pain, happiness, finding his right weight, allergy warnings, plastified dead bodies and many more. Humanity and humor conclude this edition. Enjoy!
July 3, 2007 at Over My Med Body

Brain Blogging, 12th Edition
This carnival is about brain and more. Shaheen Lakhan presents posts about crisis, bad online habits, Alzheimer's prevention, fool ideas about diet and bodyweight that turned out to be useful, various tips for optimism and emotional freedom, and much more.
July 2, 2007 at Brainblogger

Pediatric Grand Rounds 2:6
When Shinga Xavier put together the posts of this edition, London has been threatened by terrorist bombing attempts by (she did not know yet) medical doctors and students. Mad world. Anyway, emergency situations play an important role in this edition, in a parenting and medical view. The dangers of secondhand smoke (a pet topic of mine), video games, overweight and stress are discussed. Again, the vaccination, MMR and autism is a key issue with many posts that keep us informed about the latest ongoings.
July 1, 2007 at Breath Spa for Kids

Attention Deficit Disorder Carnival #29
In this carnival, John W. MacKenzie presents a bunch of posts about emotional and nutritional aspects, ADD-friendly sports, personal experiences of ADD adults and parents of ADD kids, positive aspects of ADD (yes, they exist) and many more. A must read for all who have to deal with ADD or ADHD.
July 1, 2007 at Adult ADD and Money

Gene Genie #10
This is a really scientific blog carnival and covers the forefront of research in the field of genetics, one of the hottest topics in medical science. Be prepared to not very easy stuff and peer over the shoulder of top science. In this edition T. Ryan Gregory presents the implications of so-called «junk DNA», the question of genes, birth order and IQ which is also covered by Pediatric Grand Rounds, and various diseases linked to genes.
July 1, 2007 at Genomicron

All Things Medical, June 2007
This monthly carnival of Aleksandr Kavokin presents a broad spectrum of posts about diagnosis, disease, health, medicine, health, medicine, symptoms and treatment. The posts are presented as submitted by the authors.
June 26, 2007 at RDoctor

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