Monday, July 30, 2007

How long can we trust a study result?

5 years old
Suppose a study has been published when these two girls have been born, that is, five years ago. Can we still trust the results? Yes, we can, on average, according to a recent analysis of a hundred systematic reviews, covering more than a thousand medical studies with a total of more than two hundred thousand persons. It came out that it lasted about four to seven years in most reviews until differences in the study results began to emerge, indicating that some results have been outdated by new findings.

What you can read in this blog is mainly based upon medical study results. I always try to find out what is new and which of my earlier posts may need to be updated. But as a general rule I would guess that the average survival time of my posts should be somewhere about five years. This leaves more than four and a half years of filling my blog archive. I hope I'll still be blogging then.

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