Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Some antidepressants weaken bones

bone mineral density
Antidepressants of the Prozac type (SSRI) have recently shown to weaken the bones in women and in men. In the two studies at the universities of Minneapolis and Portland, more than two thousand older women and more than five thousand older men have been examined. It came out that only SSRI (but not tricyclic antidepressants) had a negative impact on bone mineral density. With SSRI, the bone loss in women has been roughly double the value observed in non-users of this drug type.

The end of Prozac as a lifestyle drug?

For all those who take Prozac, the most popular of SSRI drugs just for feeling better, the new research outcomes should be a reason to stop. In persons with mild depression, the effect of the drug is very small and does not outweigh the serious side effects.

In case of a severe depression, the situation looks different: Ask your doctor about the pros and cons of SSRI and about the possibilities to switch drug types.

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