Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Face surgery beyond lifting

face lifted
For all those who suffer from severe facial injuries or birth defects, the news from the surgical reconstruction front sounds good: There is a number of methods for filling up lost volume and reconstructing a face that proudly can be shown in public again.

Just to mention some: Autologous fat (fat cells harvested from other parts of the body), calcium hydroxylapatite, poly-l-lactic acid, polyacrylamide, poly-alkyl-imide, and methylpolysiloxane. I do not go further into details, just - wow - it seems that facial surgeons have a number of good stuff to do a good job.

However, the study from where I got this news is not about reconstruction but about the third dimension in facial rejuvenation. A quote from the abstract:

"Facial rejuvenation has long been dominated by surgical techniques that act on only two dimensions of the face, ignoring the third dimension (facial volume); therefore, a truly youthful look remains elusive. (...) This paper aims to define the various surgical procedures employed by cosmetic surgeons that can be combined with alloplastic implants or injectable devices in order to restore lost facial volume."
I understand well what this means. We all know those face-lifted old ladies, many of them in the show business, with their smoothed faces that do not really look young but old and rejuvenated. It seems that modern face surgery is going to address this problem. In the future, lifted old faces no longer should look lifted, they should look really young.

But I already see a new problem: Young faces on old bodies cannot look really young but look strange, to put it mildly. Therefore, whole body rejuvenation must be the inevitable solution. Let me extend this story into the realms of science-fiction and we end up with old, young-looking cyborgs, a lost generation of no-agers whose rest of own body mass will suffer from a number of diseases. Not only from the old ones as we know them, but in addition from all those that are caused by the side effects of surgery.

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