Monday, August 6, 2007

Stroke symptoms alone may harm

It is important to know the five most important stroke symptoms. Do you know them? If you haven't done my Stroke Health Quiz yet, you may scroll down or click here. Or, if you feel to need all the information right now, go directly to the solutions page where you find all the details together with links to more informations about stroke.

Two main groups of stroke symptoms

To sum up, one group of stroke symptoms involves sudden numbness and weakness of the body and another group involves sudden head and brain symptoms. The sudden occurrence is an important point. But not in every of such cases a stroke can be diagnosed. Apart from so-called «silent strokes» without any symptoms, the contrary may be true: Stroke symptoms that are not really strokes. Often a transient ischemic attack or mini-stroke can be diagnosed in such a case.

But not always. There is still a number of persons with stroke symptoms that do not lead to any diagnose. Such symptoms alone cause about half the amount of harm as a stroke, according to a study of the University of Alabama. The physical and mental performances have been assessed after various types of stroke symptoms and diagnoses.

In cases where no stroke has been diagnosed, two kinds of declines have been observed, depending on the kind of stroke symptoms. After symptoms affecting the body, the physical functioning is impaired. After head and brain symptoms, a mental decline can be observed.

Take home message: Stroke symptoms always must be taken seriously, even if no stroke can be detected.

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