Friday, September 21, 2007

Low blood sugar is the motor of the yo-yo

Try to lose weight and you may end up heavier than before; it seems that you must avoid low blood sugar levels in order to prevent the yo-yo. This is the conclusion of two Canadian studies about blood sugar levels and weight gain. In the first study, blood sugar levels have been measured in more than two hundred fifty adults, and six years later, those with the lowest levels have gained most weight. In the second study, more than forty persons classified as "obese" have participated in a weight loss program, and the more weight they lost, the lower blood sugar levels have been measured and the more weight they regained in the long run.

The blood sugar levels have been measured not in the fasting state but two hours after a so-called glucose tolerance test with a standardized sugar solution that makes the blood sugar level first rise and then fall again. This test re-enacts what happens if the body, after a fasting period, only gets a small amount of food: The blood sugar may even fall below the fasting level after the test, signalling the craving for food to the brain.

Ho to prevent the yo-yo

If the attempt to lose weight lowers the blood sugar level and if low blood sugar levels predict weight gain, then deliberate weight loss in the long run is a mission impossible. This is exactly what has been observed in close to a hundred percent of all those who have tried and have failed. In the light of the Canadian studies this is no surprise. The blood sugar mechanism leaves just one solution: Never try to lose weight by staying hungry or you will regain more than you have lost.

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