Thursday, September 6, 2007

Speed eating - the ultimate diet

speed eating
You may be surprised, but speed eating has much in common with something that is considered quite the opposite: diet. Let me explain this later and turn to facts. Speed eating contests are becoming more and more popular, at least in some regions of the world. Some champions swallow huge amounts of food in a very short time. How do they achieve such a "performance"?

A radiology study of the University of Pennsylvania has revealed the anatomical secret: Speed eating champions are capable of relaxing the muscles of their stomach to such an extent that it expands to a flaccid sac of a huge volume. The poor crippled organ is in danger of being destroyed, with a surgical removal as the last life-saving resort.

Five common traits

Is it a coincidence that diets and speed eating contests are booming these days? If you look at what they have in common, you no longer may be surprised:

  • Submitting to an authority: You accept others (contest organizers, diet experts) to rule or guide your eating behaviour.
  • Imposed rules of what to eat: You eat what you have been told (by contest organizers, by diet experts).
  • Imposed rules of how much to eat: You eat as much (in a speed eating contest) or as little (in a diet) as you have been told by authorities.
  • Eating as a means to an end: You want to win the contest or you want to lose weight or not to gain weight or lower your blood pressure or cholesterol or what ever.
  • Irrelevance of basic feelings: Your eating is no longer guided by basic feelings such as appetite, hunger and satiety but by self-imposed, other-directed rules and goals.

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