Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Tea may be an upper, but not for blood pressure

coffee and tea
Both coffee and tea may make you alert but if blood pressure is a problem, you may fare better with tea. The reason has been demonstrated in a trial about the effect of isolated substances from tea and coffee on mood and blood pressure. Caffeine is found in both tea and coffee, it raises alertness as well as blood pressure. Theanine, found in tea only, has the same effect on mood but lowers the blood pressure. Thus, in tea, two compounds are acting in different ways on blood pressure which, as a result, remains more or less stable.

With coffee, on the other hand, blood pressure may rise for a short time, but not in the long run. There is no reason for coffee drinkers to be anxious about blood pressure or heart risk. But for those who must take prescribed pills against high blood pressure, tea may be a better choice.

Photo credit: flickr.com/photos/markie555/251230621/

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