Monday, October 8, 2007

White sugar really no taboo for diabetics

fruits with sugar
New diabetic guidelines are more permissive to sweets, and a new trial backs this view for all those who still are afraid of sugar. In earlier days, refined, white sugar (sucrose) has been labeled as bad for diabetics which is a misbelief, because all carbohydrates, also those labeled as healthy, are changed in the body and become glucose which is one of the main components of sucrose. Also the speed of uptake into the blood, the glycemic index, is not highest in sucrose; there are many other carbohydrates with a higher index.

Obviously, there is still a number of skeptic diabetics who mistrust the sweets. Probably in order to convince them, a new trial has been undertaken with nine type 2 diabetics. Under close monitoring of insulin and blood sugar values, they have been told to substitute some of their daily carb intake by fifty grams (1.7 oz) of white sugar. Total calories have been unchanged. During three weeks of this sweet diet shift, neither the balance of blood sugar nor the insulin sensitivity has changed.

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