Friday, November 2, 2007

Are you impressed by the new food and cancer report?

2007 diet cancer report
More than five hundred pages, lots of experts, tons of studies, but is this enough to convince you to stay as slim as possible to prevent cancer?

Here you can download the Report.

This is too much to be handled in one post, I just have downloaded and scanned it, and picked some of the most important or challenging points. I'll take my time and carefully comment on them, one by one, in my upcoming posts.

There are mountains of statistics, but what may come out is just molehills. We shall see. There are conclusions from those statistics, telling us that such factors as certain foods or body weight are without doubt established as causes of cancer. Really? We shall see.

An important point here is one I use to mention all the time: correlation is not cause. In the report, the experts deal with this question, and we shall see how strong the evidence for a cause really is.

And last but not least, the experts are telling us that, within the range of “acceptable" weight, we should stay as slim as possible in order to prevent cancer. Cancer is important, I agree, but not the only important health issue. Weight concerns are another, but not a positive one.

Many points to deal with; stay tuned and return to this blog next week.

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