Thursday, November 29, 2007

Eat more often, gain less weight

Obeying the natural needs of the body as a simple way to a stable and healthy weight has been found in Dutch youngsters: More than thirty thousand girls and boys have been studied, and it came out that those who use to skip breakfast are at risk of gaining most weight. Breakfast skipping turned out to be the most important risk factor, even more than physical inactivity.

Healthy young people have a good appetite in the morning because the body needs a lot of new energy after the long night fasting period. If this natural need is not met, energy regulation may get out of balance because the body gets signals of energy shortness, resulting in more fat storage. One of the reasons of breakfast skipping is hurry and stress which both are not very healthy conditions.

In people who have gained much weight, a number of health problems have been observed, and the "overweight" or "obesity" has been blamed as a risk factor. But the real problems may not be the weight itself but rather the out of balance energy regulation or the stress.

And this Dutch study has shown that healthy living may be much easier and much less focused on fears than you may have thought: Just eat your breakfast and do not care about fats or calorie counting or diets, and you have best chances to maintain your healthy weight.

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