Thursday, December 6, 2007

Most problems with first sex very early or very late

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When it comes to the first sex, waiting can avoid many problems but waiting too long may also cause problems. This is the conclusion of a study about the long-term health consequences of the timing of sexual debut. More than eight thousand adults have been surveyed in 1996.

The problem with sex at age fourteen is associated with risky sex, sex with more partners, sex under influence of alcohol or drugs, and with arousal and orgasm problems.

But the opposite, waiting until marriage, is not the best solution. While first sex after age twenty-two is linked to safer sex, it is not linked to better sex: The late starters have the same functional problems with arousal and orgasm as the early starters. The most satisfying sex life has been linked to a first sex between age seventeen and twenty-one.

The timing of first sex is important for sex but not for love and for the stability of the current partnership: These are not associated with early or late initiation.

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