Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Sleeping beauty, slimming beauty

sleeping beauty
If you are fat, the worst thing you can do is having stress and sleepless nights from weight concerns and diet plans. And the best thing, according to a Korean study on sleep and obesity, may be just to relax and take it easy, having a good and long bout of sleep every night.

More than six thousand Koreans have been surveyed about their sleep duration, and their body mass indices (BMI) have been measured. It came out that the long sleepers tend to be slimmer than the short sleepers. Other studies in Iowa, Maryland, and in the NHANES survey have come to the same result.

This is not only a correlation but a causal link. The mechanism has been identified: Sleep increases the level of the satiety hormone leptin and decreases the level of the appetite hormone ghrelin.

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