Tuesday, January 15, 2008

First sex step by step is safest

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Young people who proceed with sex step by step, from the first kiss to fondling of growing intensity up to intercourse, take less risk than those who leave out one or more steps. This is the result of a Dutch study about a link between sexual trajectories and sexual risk.

More than two thousand young Dutch of both genders who had engaged in sexual intercourse, aged 12 to 25, have been interviewed. About three quarters have followed a continuous path in their early encounters, from less intimate to the most intimate. These were also most likely to consistently use contraceptives with the most recent partner. On the other hand, those not using contraceptives or engaging in unprotected anal intercourse were most likely to have an abrupt sexual career. Such a career is most likely in immigrants with a traditional cultural background and in less educated young people.

The use or non-use of condoms remained fairly stable even after a long sex career. Thus, it seems that the path of beginning a sexual career, rather than its duration, is important for safer sex.

Conclusion: Safer sex, using condoms, is only possible with a sufficient amount of control. This control has to be learnt, and this requires time. Therefore, a stepwise progression offers the best security. In addition, it also helps both partners to learn more about their own needs and wishes which is important for a satisfying sex life.

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