Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Good sex every day keeps the doctor away

Enjoy the feeling every day and the doing from time to time, without stress for body and mind, and a look at how well you achieve may be the easiest way to check your health status. Sorry girls but this post is based upon a study in men. Yet I suspect that its findings may also apply to women, at least in part.

Okay boys, here we are. The relations between sexual symptoms, life satisfaction, and health have been assessed in more than fifteen thousand Finnish men aged 40 to 69 years. In a mailed questionnaire, they have answered questions about sex life, social life, and health. In the youngest age group, only twenty percent reported a low frequency of erections and problems with libido and potency. In the oldest age group, two out of three reported such problems.

Between the youngest and the oldest, there was a steady linear increase of sex problems but not of other health problems. While not linked to age, the latter showed a close relationship to sex problems: Men with moderate to severe sexual symptoms have visited their physicians up to three times more often than men without or with only minor sexual symptoms. Thus, sexual wellbeing seems to be an easy and quite reliable indicator of general health, irrespective of age. In the light of ever-growing medical expenditures, this may be worth considering.

Which cause, which effect?

As always in such studies, the question of cause arises. Is bad sex caused by disease or does good sex prevent disease? The former has been proven in many studies and there can be no doubt about it. But the latter is also very plausible because good sex is a source of wellbeing and this will in turn promote health.

What about women? Arousal and orgasmic reactions are very similar in both sexes when it comes to the whole body and not just the sex organs. When problems are concerned, these are more prominent in the male sex, of course. But for the good side, this is not necessarily so.

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