Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Intentions 2008

happy 2008
Looking at facts with an open mind and with as little bias as possible, looking for more hot issues such as obesity and health and avoiding getting obsessed with any single theme or opinion, these are my most important blogging intentions for 2008. I hope we'll have a good time together, and I wish that things can be debated in a fair way. Some fellow bloggers have missed the possibility to leave comments on my blog. Yes, I understand them, but I have found that quality blogging is quite time consuming, and that I just have no capacity left for maintaining and moderating an open forum. But I think that referring posts and cross-linking between blogs may be even better means of a high quality debate. And I have seen that it works.

In the obesity issue, I may proceed with a phase of mainstream cherry picking, that is, looking for study results that link obesity to bad health outcomes. Obesity may not be a problem as big as most people think, but it may still be some problem. I think I should try to find out more about this question. Never fix your own opinion, be always ready to challenge it.

Besides obesity, there are many more interesting fields where I should put more focus on. One big complex is the brain, its fitness, dementia prevention, and the wide field of human psychology. I already have stepped into religion and philosophic reasoning about the big last questions such as death and how we may deal with it. Religion is a traditional way, but I think that atheists should not wimp out of these questions. Stay tuned.

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