Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Joy of free thinking

Free thinking is good for your health because it is real stuff, based on science, and more than a placebo. This is my conclusion after ten months of blogging here at Med Journal Watch and after some posts about the placebo effect of religion and its common traits with quackery.

I have learnt a lot, plunged into tons of medical science news stuff and tried to sort out the most relevant of it. My skepticism has grown steadily, and I more and more considered the broad scope of my blog a weakness. I felt like I should put more focus, and this focus has been more and more on mind and brain, psychology, freethought, religion, philosophy and the like.

As a consequence, I've chosen to discontinue Med Journal Watch and take my exit to a new blog: Free Thinking Joy. Feel free to follow me and think with me, and to subscribe to my new feed.

Of course, Med Journal Watch will remain strictly under my control, serving as an old archive.

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